During the past years, I've had a picture hanging on the wall in my therapy room - Kathleen. It has been an inspiration many times - together with a quote she sent me when I had just started working as a therapist.

Since she now has decided to do other things in her life, my guess is that this
picture and the quote will be even more important - at least for me.....kathleen2

The quote (I asked how to work with a bed-bound client):

... and make sure that she realizes that she's NOT bed bound and unable to do anything because her symptoms are so bad, - she's got symptoms BECAUSE she's in bed and NOT doing anything!"


Many of the other therapists in the RT system may also have similar quotes that means a lot to them. Wouldn't it be great to post these valueable quotes - not only from Kathleen, but from all of you - together on a web page???